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What do our customers say about us?

Date: 2023/01/03


"We started using KOOS to create an easy way for artists to invest in their future and to thank listeners who help make Fairmus better." Slide


“The US Token programme has been created in cooperation with KOOS, through which we have the opportunity to give every user of the platform the opportunity to create a future with FORUS and be part of a great success.” Slide


“It's like saying an additional thank you – everybody who's contributing gets a token that gives them the right to some part of the fund's carried interest.” Slide

CARÁ health

"Thanks for being a part of our journey in updating the working environment for medical specialists and creating a community-driven equal company." Slide

BEAMLINE Accelerator

“Beamline accelerates other start-ups daily, but now we can accelerate our relations with our co-thinkers together with KOOS. Highly relevant thanks!” Slide


“KOOS platform has given us a great opportunity to thank our good partners, customers and end users of the solution in a very special way. Thanks for being there for us!” Slide


“Being part of Fienta's success story with the help of KOOS is the best way for us to thank our loyal customers and supporters.” Slide


“We are strong believers in community building and we are excited to kick off with the strategic plan to build a global talent community for start-ups. “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.” Thank you KOOS.” Slide


“KOOS has given us a good experience on how to meaningfully thank people and an understanding that this thing actually works.” Slide

World Cleanup Day

“We cooperated with KOOS to say a big thank you and a personal certificate of participation to the World Cleanup Day community – millions of people from nearly 200 countries who came together to clean up the planet.”  Slide


“Thanks to KOOS, we can offer our community additional value and involvement, bring more people into business, and thereby offer customers greater supply reliability.” Slide


“KOOS helps us show how we value and appreciate our coaches community. We want to support our community in achieving ambitious goals.” Slide


“TOGETHER is better than alone.” Slide


“Building a community makes sense. KOOS brings sense to actually being in one.” Slide


“KOOS is the easiest solution on the market for community engagement!” Slide

United Delivery Mission

“Together we will win! KOOS.” Slide

KK Viimsi

“KOOS helps us introduce our heroes and create stories hand in hand with community activation.” Slide

Wolf Group

“Cooperation with KOOS has been interesting and educational. The campaign in Spain is as if ahead of its time and helps to show our brands Wolf Group and Penosil as very innovative.” Slide


“KOOS helps us make every team member as engaged as the founder. In this way, everyone can take responsibility for the impact of EDUKOHT.” Slide