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Taavi Kotka's exclusive interview with Business Leader

Date: 2022/11/30

Blog content image's founder Taavi Kotka told Business Leader in their exclusive interview Giving back to the community that helped build your company will evolve into a brand-new model of ownership about his experience as the first CIO for the Government of Estonia, the biggest challenges he’s faced in his career, and what he sees for the future of equity/ownership models.

KOOS helps companies to legally issue promises: I give you a part of the company in the form of a promise or token, which I will buy back based on a certain formula if I am successful. It’s a financial guarantee. Success is pre-defined in advance, for example, an IPO, exit or acquisition, and you get a share of the token pool. We’re solving the issue of ‘founders’ amnesia’ by enabling them to reward the people that have helped them.

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