Turn your support for a brand, into an investment for your future.

Contribute to a KOOS-powered business, and earn a real stake – which can grow in value with the business.

So you can turn an investment of time and energy into a real financial return.

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Forget kudos – you deserve KOOS.

  • Put your time and energy in the right places

    Choose to support progressive, community-led businesses who want to share their success with their community and customers.

  • Invest yourself not your money

    No cash necessary. Just deliver impactful actions to help a KOOS-powered business succeed – and earn tokens.

  • The more you put in, the more you could get back

    Tokens represent equity-like stakes (a bit like shares) – so they can grow as the business does (but also fall!).

Meet some community-led brands – powered by KOOS

These brands are already sharing their future – by offering their communities a stake in their business.

Fairmus Logo

Rewarding their music-loving community.

FleetGuru Logo

Giving equity for successfully converted B2B referrals.

Forus Taxi Logo

Sharing equity with their drivers and customers.

HotelBuddy Logo

Thanking people who recommend their guest-friendly tech to new hotels.

Naturist Logo

Getting conscious influencers involved in their mission.

Realise your real worth
to the brands you support

Many businesses and start-ups rely on their communities and customers to help them succeed.

Whether you’re hosting on Air bnb, writing reviews for Trip Advisor or telling a friend how great the latest app is - you’re already helping businesses grow.

But until now all you could get back were reward points, discounts or most likely - nothing at all!

KOOS puts communities at the centre and allows businesses to easily reward them for their input with stakes that are equity-linked.

This means they are linked to the value of the business – so can grow if and when the business does – turning your initial investment of time or energy into a real financial return.

So how does KOOS work?

KOOS community-led programs are offered by businesses and brands who use our platform to incentivize and reward their valuable communities.

If you’re thinking of supporting a KOOS-powered business or are part of a community incentivized by KOOS – here’s how it works.

  1. 1. A business launches a KOOS program – and define an ambitious common goal

    Each business’s KOOS program will have a different community and goal at its heart. But the goal will be related to a big business ambition – for example reach 200,000 users, get new business investment, or start making a profit.

    It’s up to the business and community to reach the goal together!

  2. 2. The business sets up a ‘reward fund’ for community help to reach this goal

    This fund will usually be a % of its total equity – (the total value of the business). Community members can then earn tokens which represent a stake in this equity fund. We call these equity-linked stakes.

    What is an equity-linked stake?

    An equity-linked stake is one which is linked to the overall valuation of the business. A bit like a stock or share.

    This means that the real-life value of the stakes you earn can go up (or down) with the value of the business.

    So your support is a genuine investment in businesses that you think will do well: everything you do to help them grow can contribute to a higher valuation – and higher returns for you!

  3. 3. Community members join the program – to help them reach that goal

    All you need to supply is your phone and email address. You’ll then be registered with KOOS. You don’t need a crypto wallet or anything else.

  4. 4. Particpants deliver impactful actions to earn tokens

    An impactful action is something that helps a business towards its wider goal. These actions will vary widely – from being an early adopter or loyal customer, through to recommending their business, or doing specific tasks to support them.

    What is an ‘impactful action’ worth?

    The value of these actions will vary depending on its value to the business.

    e.g They may reward a referral by giving 1 token. But if that referral converts to a new client, you might get 10!

    Business may let you know which actions are valuable to them and how many tokens those actions are worth.

  5. 5. All community-member’s actions are automatically recorded – and rewarded with equity-linked stakes

    Impactful actions are automatically rewarded with tokens – and KOOS - will legally and independently – record all your actions and the tokens you receive for them.

    You can track your tokens and see an estimate of value in real time by logging into KOOS.

    How do I increase the value of my stake?

    • By doing more actions and earning more tokens – and a bigger stake.
    • By the company valuation growing - which will increase the value of your stake.

    However you can only realise this value when the business and community hit their common goal. This is the payout.

  6. 6. The business and community reach their big goal! It’s payout time.

    When the business hits the agreed goal, it triggers payout for all the participating community members. At this point you can ‘cash-in’ your stake for its equity-linked value with the business. Congratulations!

Our mission

To deliver over €1bn in value back to communities from the businesses they have helped support and grow!

“KOOS helps us to connect our communities… as owners of the company.”
Urmas Sõõrumaa
Forus founder
“Feels good to grow together with our listeners and musicians and to build a fairer world, where everyone gets paid for their contributions.”
Reigo Ahven
CEO of Fairmus
“With the help of KOOS, we will create a community for ourselves… It is very important to us that we can share our success with the people who contributed to it.”
Kadi Saadlo
CEO and Co-Founder
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