Deliver shared ownership simply, at scale.

Custom design a community-led growth program for your business. Then dynamically allocate tokens, record equity-like stakes and make payouts.

Works seamlessly – with full API integration.

  • Program and automate your targets and rewards

  • Integrate KOOS into your existing products and customer journeys via our automated API

  • Dynamically distribute tokens based on impactful actions

  • Track data on goals, actions and participants to measure impact

How KOOS works

  1. 1. Define your business goal

    Outline a specific business goal you want to achieve with the help of your community.

  2. 2. Make a ‘promise’ to the whole community for when the business goal is met

    Confirm the amount of equity that you are willing to share with your community – if and when they help you reach your goal.

    With KOOS, these equity-like stakes are linked to real business valuations so can rise (and fall) with your business’s fortunes. However, importantly, they aren’t shares, so you don’t have to amend company articles or bring in lawyers!
  3. 3. Define impactful actions and their value in tokens

    Impactful actions are automatically rewarded with tokens. Let your community know which actions are valuable to you and how many tokens those actions are worth.

    For example, if your goal is focussed around new clients, then you could reward a referral by giving 1 token. But if that referral converts to a new client, you would raise the reward – e.g to 5 tokens.
  4. 4. Engage your community and onboard participants easily

    All you need is the recipient’s phone and email address to sign a community-member up. When community-members perform a useful action they’ll automatically receive tokens.

    Recipients can track their tokens and see an estimate of value in real time through the KOOS site – no complex crypto wallet needed. This also helps keep them motivated – and focused on the wider business goal.
  5. 5. Automatically record impactful actions with tokens

    By embedding KOOS in your customer journeys or products through our API, all valuable actions will be dynamically assigned tokens.

    The tokens represent an equity-like stake in the business’s wider goal. All the token-holders, actions and data is recorded in an independent ledger.
  6. 6. The business goal is reached. Pay out!

    Once you have reached your WIDER business goal, deliver on your promise and pay out on the equity-like stakes held by your community. The more stakes they hold, the larger the proportion of the program reward ‘pot’ they will receive.

    KOOS handles the payouts and all the legal details around KYC.

Expertly developed & legally compliant

We can give you expert insight and guidance into taxation, accounting and the legal impacts of your program during its design.

Built on an accepted legal framework

KOOS was developed with specialist input from top law firms for emerging tech, using a legal framework that complies with EU and UK law.

Publicly and independently registered

The registry of stakes and stakeholders is held by an independent party and publicly backed up.

Supported by expert taxation advice

KOOS programs are set up with general guidance for taxation, both to you and your contributors. Contributors are paid into EU or UK bank accounts (with more regions following soon).

No automatic impact on your company articles

KOOS rewards do not form part of your cap table and create no requirement to amend company articles.

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KOOS programs are set up with general guidance for taxation, both to you and your contributors. Contributors are paid into EU or UK bank accounts with more regions following soon.

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