Equity-like incentivisation programmes to drive your business goals with the help of your community

Leverage the expertise of your wider community with equity-like incentives. Deliver real business results with reward programmes that truly motivate and can be launched in minutes.

Only pay rewards once goals have been met

Set up programmes in less than 5 mins

Inbuilt legal compliance and insight into taxation

ROI-positive growth programmes that deliver real impact

Create equity-like growth programmes without giving away a single share. Give more of your community a reason to advocate for you with rewards paid out only when you meet the business goal. This makes our programmes ROI-positive by design.

Results-based rewards

Your investment is protected as you only pay out to your community once the pre-specified business goal has been achieved.

Equity-like incentives

Equity-like payouts motivation to push for your success without diluting your equity.

Fair outcomes

Payouts are linked to the actual impact – the more a community member contributed to your success, the more they get back.

Greatness is never built alone. It is built by dedicated talented people and this dedication should never go unrewarded. KOOS has created a new way for companies to build a fairer world and acknowledge people who contribute to your success. We at FleetGuru are beyond excited for having this new option and will use the hell out of it.
Toomas Loik
CEO, FleetGuru

Expert-led programme development, tailored to your goals

Our experienced team will work with you every step of the way to design the best incentive programme for your business. With just a business goal and an action to incentivise, we'll take care of everything else, from programme set up to legal frameworks and integration support.

Define a goal and a promise you will give back to your community

Determine what goal you want to achieve for the business and how much you promise to compensate your community members who help you reach that goal.

Collaborate on programme design

Create an incentive programme that aligns with your company, values and brand. We'll develop an equity-like programme where payouts match the contribution of each community member. A sense of ownership will motivate them to push for your success.

With the help of KOOS, we will create a community for ourselves who will be kept up to date, and with whose help we will hopefully become the first Estonian hotel technology unicorn.
Kadi Saadlo
CEO and co-founder, HotellBuddy

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Ready to go in minutes

Start issuing rewards in minutes through the KOOS web platform. To integrate your programme into your business and automate sharing tokens, use our standardised API. Your community can track their progress in real time for constant motivation.

Send out tokens in minutes

Issue your first reward payments, proportionate to the outcomes achieved, as soon as you launch the programme.

Deliver a seamless KOOS experience

Integrate KOOS with your existing systems, processes, and interfaces through our API, and automate key actions from giving out token tracking progress.

Engage your community

Promote the programme to your community and motivate contributors to begin work on achieving your business goals together.

KOOS offers a far more convenient, automated, and simple option than building loyalty programs manually. Using KOOS is a deliberate investment into long-term brand awareness that helps us become a market leader.
Priit Patrael
Co-founder, Rulo.ee

Legally compliant programmes

KOOS has been built upon an expertly designed legal framework, ready for use in the EU and UK. You'll also get insight into taxation both for you and your contributors.

Accepted legal framework

KOOS was developed with specialist input from top law firms for emerging tech, using a legal framework that adheres to EU and UK law.

No impact on your company articles

KOOS rewards do not form part of your cap table and create no requirement to amend company articles upon launching our programmes.

Expert taxation guidance

KOOS programmes are set up with general guidance for taxation, both to you and your contributors. Contributors are paid into EU or UK bank accounts with more regions following soon.

KOOS brand illustrationKOOS brand illustrationKOOS brand illustration

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Coming soon: tradable tokens

KOOS was launched as a web2.0 platform with all rewards registered securely in our database. However,we plan to expand our services to make the rewards transferable and tradable between contributors and wider networks, which is why we plan to leverage blockchain and web3 technologies. Watch this space!

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