Use equity to build motivational programmes that deliver the results you want

Launch KOOS equity-like programmes to use the most motivating incentive there is – the feeling of ownership. Motivate your community to support your business objectives, create a customer loyalty programme or drive referrals to your growing business by giving back part of the success you create together.


Launch the right programme for your business

Motivate your community to drive business goals

Encourage your community to proactively support your business with equity-like programmes. Incentivise connections to give their time and expertise to drive specific predefined business goals, without signing expensive, inflexible employment contracts.

You only pay rewards after the contributor has delivered results, with the size of reward in keeping with their impact. That way, there's no risk to you.

KOOS brand illustrationKOOS brand illustrationKOOS brand illustration

Our clients are accelerating business goals with KOOS

A fast-growing payment solution provider is expanding into new markets more efficiently thanks to KOOS. The company created a business goal programme to encourage existing connections to become sales partners, and support its entry into new foreign markets.

They share rewards equivalent to 1% of equity with sales teams on top of sales commissions.
  • Provides a lucrative incentive for sales partners.
  • Delivers equity-like rewards without the hassle of creating new shareholders.

We're helping some of the world's fastest growing brands accelerate their business goals

Community-driven business is the core of our company because global missions like ours need effective and international collaboration where parties have a skin-in-the-game mentality.
Taavid Mikomägi
Co-founder, The Naturist
It's like saying an additional thank you; everybody who's contributing gets a token that gives them the right to some part of the fund's carried interest.
Veljo Otsason
General Partner, Superangel
Our vision is to become the leading services platform in the world that connects clients, service providers and employees as owners of the company.
Eduard Dubrovski
Forus, Head of Business Development

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