Turn your community into a business growth team

Build sustainable growth into your business – with a community-led growth program with KOOS.

Let your business-critical community earn an equity-like stake in your business

Embed growth into your product

KOOS’ equity-linked incentives let you embed community-led growth into your existing products and customer journeys via our automated API.

Share returns – when you get the results

Stay ROI positive – set targets upfront for your community to hit – and give KOOS tokens in return for results.

Incentivize without investment

Incentivize now and pay later. Link the payout goal to key long-term targets – and payout when you’ve hit profit - or got the extra investment you need.

Community-led growth

Gather the energy and expertise of stakeholders – with the motivating feeling of ownership

Giving people a stake in your business delivers proven commitment and benefits – from greater productivity to stronger trust, advocacy and lasting loyalty.

Reduce dependency on paid acquisition channels

Increase retention of clients, consultants and users

Get frequent high-quality feedback, expertise and advocacy

Our platform

Deliver shared ownership simply, at scale

The KOOS platform covers all the community-ownership and growth scheme management and the legal complexity for you automatically – with full API integration.

Integrate KOOS into your customer journeys via our automated API

Start issuing tokens/stakes in minutes – with just an email and mobile phone number

Dynamically deliver tokens and payouts - without the legal hassle

Your program

Get started fast with a custom-designed program and dedicated support

Our team work closely with you to develop strategic programs - and guidance on how to market it to your community!

Integrate KOOS into your existing products and customer journeys via our automated API

Program and automate your targets and reward

Dynamically distribute tokens based on impactful actions

Expertly designed & legally compilant

Create shared value – without the hassle of shares

KOOS’s equity-like stakes offer the benefits of ownership, but without the complexity. But unlike shares they reflect the actual contribution that people make.

Expertly built on an accepted legal framework

Supported by specialist taxation advice

No automatic impact on your company articles or cap table

Turning customers and drivers into a motivated community of owners

Forus Taxi

Forus Taxi is a unique an Estonian taxi service – who connect communities both physically and via their strong commitment to their drivers and users.

Forus have made 30 million tokens available – representing a massive 30% of their company.
  • Turning all Forus clients and drivers into a real community – and genuine owners of the company!
  • Building loyalty and increasing job satisfaction by creating a community of motivated and rewarded drivers.
  • Driving loyalty and frequency by rewarding customers a token every time they ride a Forus taxi.

What do you need KOOS to deliver for your business?

Business goals?

Get your community behind your business goals.


Bring your community on-side and keep them there.


Launch a truly rewarding referral program.

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