KOOS makes it simpler for communities to have a stake for business

In the future, a strong community will be the ‘beating heart’ of every successful business.

Businesses and brands will be created, and grow, side-by-side with their community, contributors, and customers – a wide circle of stakeholders who feel and act like owners.

Until now, building these authentic relationships with communities – and effectively incentivizing them was time-consuming, legally complex, and expensive.

That’s why we created KOOS – in Estonian, KOOS means ‘together’ and ‘alongside’!

We turn business success into a shared cause

With KOOS, equity-like stakes can be earned (and owned) by anyone who supports a business, not just a small group of shareholders. Returns are related to the contribution that each person makes to the business’s success.

It’s win win.

Businesses gain from the energy and effectiveness of invested communities delivering valuable growth. And communities gain from the opportunities and returns that come from having a real stake in a business’s success.

We believe that in time KOOS will contribute to a more equitable distribution of business wealth. In time, people may only choose to support, recommend, and buy from businesses that they have a stake in – brands whose success they are invested in, and who they are aligned with ethically.

Our mission

By 2025, our aim is to deliver over €1bn in value back to communities from the businesses they have helped support and grow.
“At KOOS we believe technologies can help build a more equitable society. KOOS offers companies a new way to achieve their business goals more efficiently by delivering greater value to all their stakeholders – while also improving their financial and social impact performance.”
Taavi Kotka
Founder and CEO
“Greatness is never built alone. KOOS has created a new way for companies to acknowledge people who contribute to your success and build a fairer world.”
Toomas Loik
CEO, FleetGuru
“KOOS allows anyone - users, partners, suppliers - to become a stakeholder and earn a potential slice of the pie.”
Ziv Reichert
Partner, LocalGlobe
“KOOS will become an essential building block of start-ups, funds and communities including charities and NGOs.”
Sten Tamkivi
Plural Platform co-founder

Our team


Taavi Kotka
Founder and CEO

Taavi Kotka

Serial entrepreneur, angel investor in number of unicorns and first CIO for the Government of Estonia. Pioneer of e-Estonia, the world’s most advanced digital nation, and cofounder of the world’s first e-Residency program.

Taavi was also a special advisor to European Commission vice-president Andrus Ansip on European Digital Single Market.

  • European CIO of the Year
  • Premier 100 Technology Leaders
  • Entrepreneur of the Year
  • The Order of the White Star III class
  • Thinkers 20: The Brightest Business Minds in Northern Europe

We are backed by the world’s leading technology investors & operators

Robin & Saul KleinLocalGlobe
Taavet Hinrikus & Sten TamkiviPlural
Markus Villig, CEO of Bolt Angel Investor
Kaarel Kotkas, CEO of Veriff Angel Investor

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