The right ROI-positive program for every business

Whatever your business goal, we can help design and deliver the perfect program for your business.

With KOOS, community-led programs are always:

  • Targeted

    Communities and customers complete pre-set, targeted actions.

  • Results-driven

    Programs only pay out when results are delivered, so they’re very cost-efficient.

  • Roi-positive

    Your business sees the benefits first, so when you pay-out it’s from profits.

Explore our different solutions

Business goal programs

Incentivize your community to support your business goals

Use highly-motivating micro-stakes to get your community actively behind your business goals.

Relate rewards to specific business goals – with no complicated contracts or expensive share schemes.

Forus Taxi
Turning customers and drivers into a motivated community of owners

Forus Taxi is a unique an Estonian taxi service – who connect communities both physically and via their strong commitment to their drivers and users.

Forus have made 30 million tokens available – representing a massive 30% of their company.
  • Turning all Forus clients and drivers into a real community – and genuine owners of the company!
  • Building loyalty and increasing job satisfaction by creating a community of motivated and rewarded drivers.
  • Driving loyalty and frequency by rewarding customers a token every time they ride a Forus taxi.

Loyalty programs

Get your community on side and keep them there

Earn the loyalty and advocacy of your key customers by letting them share in your success.

Create a stand-out loyalty program and drive repeat custom – with the chance to earn meaningful long-term stakes, rather than dull discount codes.

Building a community of loyal users
Feels good to grow together with our listeners and musicians and to build a fairer world, where everyone gets paid for their contributions.
Reigo Ahven
CEO of Fairmus

Fairmus is using KOOS to build a community of loyal users on its innovative music platform by sharing equity with its early adopters and valuable content creators and listeners. Their CEO, Reigo Ahven, has made community ownership a core principle of the company, allowing artists to earn fair commissions for fan-driven streaming.

Fairmus shares equity with valuable content creators and listeners.
  • Drives platform stickiness amongst artists and fans.
  • Promotes brand advocacy of the platform.
  • Increases community support as rewards grow over time.

Referral programs

Launch a truly rewarding referral program

Make contributors, co-owners, when they make valuable recommendations and referrals for your business.

Scale your business faster and simpler with word-of-mouth marketing driven by existing networks. A referrer’s email and mobile number is all you need to get started.

Tapping the conscious community to help spread the word

Naturist is a sustainable food company who are using KOOS to incentivise support from their community of industry experts and conscious influencers. The company is tapping into their combined leadership by offering equity-like rewards for generating new business and referrals.

Naturist offers equity to incentive referrals and community growth.
  • Mobilises potential impact of influencers and thought leaders on their networks.
  • Combines motivation of mission with tangible, equity-like token rewards.
  • Creates a powerful, effective word-of-mouth marketing channel.

Get a custom-designed program and dedicated support

Our team work closely with you to develop strategic programs that help you meet your business goals.

From the % of equity to make available, to the amount tokens in a pool, right through to accounting advice.

Turn your community into a growth team

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