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The story of KOOS


Simple way to
engage and incentivise

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Engagement activities

With KOOS you can easily reward impactful deeds to contributors outside your “official” owners’ circle. Think of it as your co-founding community.

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Virtual shares

Virtual shares are a hassle-free financial instrument that can be issued to non-employees such as freelancers and fans to incentivise business growth.

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Driving growth

The value of virtual shares is dependent on business growth. The more you grow the more the virtual shares are worth, keeping everybody incentivised.

Growth events recorded*


*Times virtual shares have been awarded for meaningful contributions

Hear it from our customers

“We want to reward all contributors who help our company grow. This innovative software allows us to give away virtual shares. So, if we win, everyone who has contributed to the business, wins.”

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Ines Karu-Salo

Co-Founder and Co-CEO of The Rewear Company

“We at Sunly are really grateful to those who contribute to tailoring wind parks to community needs. To show our appreciation and foster more active engagement in the process, we offer virtual shares for local residents' involvement in the wind park development.”

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Tuuliki Kasonen

Stakeholder Lead at Sunly

“Thanks to KOOS.io's innovative and hassle-free solution, our company has significantly increased its visibility, all while saving a substantial amount of money. By offering virtual shares, we've not only saved on upfront costs but also fostered a culture of gratitude, enabling us to meaningfully thank our partners promptly.”

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Anna Strubel

CEO of CARÁ Health

“KOOS.io is an excellent solution to incentivize and energize our superusers, actively contributing to our product development. It offers a seamless method to enhance short-term partnerships, functions as a growth hacking tool to encourage users to promote us, and adds an element of playfulness to our entire community.”

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Aive Uus

Founder and CEO of KoThinker

“Within just 3 months of implementing the program, over 100 new people have joined, which not only means increased support for our startups, but also a larger community of people invested in our fund’s success.”

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Dmitrij Sosunov

Partner, Firstpick VC Fund

“We were really impressed with the ease of issuing virtual shares without heavy paperwork, as well as the clean and clutter-free cap table provided by KOOS.io. That together with an exceptional user experience for virtual shareholders, make it a fantastic solution for our needs.”

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Jonathan Cartmill

CEO of Workfree

Big Bang 2022 Winner

Startup Awards 2022


You’re missing out on
extraordinary support

Greatness is
never built alone

You are missing out on significant growth because your partners, suppliers, customers, ambassadors, fans and others are unengaged and not involved in your success.

Building connections
and fair rewards

When the people around you feel connected to and valued by your brand, they will often go above and beyond to help you. Imagine what could happen when you would reward them fairly for that too?

Benefit from an engaged community

Brands that focus on engaging stakeholders like customers, partners, suppliers, and advocates generate a self-sustaining cycle of growth and loyalty.

Manage masses with ease

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Already on Board with Community-lead Growth

  • Forus Taxi
  • Fairmus
  • Firstpick
  • Let's Do It World
  • Beamline Accelerator
  • Fontakt
  • Superangel

To implement a successful community-led growth strategy you’ll need to build, grow, and sustain a thriving community around your brand

KOOS Community-led Growth Program is designed to guide businesses in building a strong ecosystem of contributors and fans who help grow the business organically through incentivized contributions.

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You’ll benefit from an
engaged community by

Increased revenue through new customers and higher lifetime value

Reduced customer support costs

Reducing customer acquisition costs

Access to your own talent pool

Faster & more precise product development by getting honest and insightful feedback

Growing your brand and advocacy through user generated content

Boost community
contribution with the
recipient app

Make it easy for your community to earn and manage virtual shares, pitch in ideas and track the progress on your shared journey to success.

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