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Give your true supporters a piece of your company without the hassle of making them shareholders

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You have the tried-and-tested shareholders but you also have tons of contributors who help you to succeed in all the other ways - being customers, early adopters, content creators, simple fans, knowledge hubs, partners, you name it. Now you can share your triumphs with them!
Think of it like giving out your company´s micro shares but without the legal inconvenience, price and responsibilities. What you get in return? A real community never achieved before.

Our automated and transparent technology records all actions conveniently and reliably by issuing tokens. Upon reaching the business goal the tokens will be used to execute value sharing and reward tokenholders proportionally.

Unlike custom solutions KOOS is plug-and-play ready!

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KOOS brand illustration
KOOS brand illustrationKOOS brand illustration




  • Carry token
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    Share the carried interest payable to managers of private equity or venture capital or similar funds with tokenholders. The right thing for - you guessed it - different funds.

  • Thank you token
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    Give out tokens for good deeds and to prove that someone was part of your project. A variation of this token could also work as a proof of contribution or participation. Great to replace thank you cards, diplomas and paper certficates.

  • Income token
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    Share economic benefits with tokenholders based on certain financial goals or metrics that they have contributed to. For example make one or more cash payments to tokenholders that are calculated based on amount of revenue, profit or other financial metric. Best to motivate people to work towards a certain (financial) goal.

  • Equity token
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    Share economic benefits that are usually received by shareholders without actually making people one. Award them tokenholder status for helping you fulfil a goal & share commonly generated economic value based on collected tokens. Best for reaching new heights and building true communities.

  • Benefit token
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    Create communities, bonus systems, clubs or give exclusive statuses for people who have contributed in your success. In return you promise some kind of benefit that is exclusive to tokenholders. Ideal for marketing and brand building purposes.





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wish to build a fairer world, acknowledge people who contribute to your success & want to get there faster whilst building a true community around your brand.

Token holder

gets the ownership feeling, thus gets emotionally involved and becomes more motivated to help you succeed.

You have a business goal, a marketing campaign or some other type of achievement and you know you need other's input to reach it

They have knowledge, time, expertise, connections or something else, that helps to take your cause forward

You set up KOOS' platform with your program, where you define your business goal and public promise, letting participants know what you are willing to share with them.Then you get people to contribute towards the goal

They fulfil a specific good deed that helps the cause a step forward

You record the good deed on KOOS' platform through issuing tokens to participants. You can do this through our interface or automate with API

They collect and hold their digital tokens from various companies and causes in KOOS' walletwhere nothing gets forgotten or lost


Upon reaching your goal you need to exercise your promise - say thanks and share your wealth that grew throughout the program with your contributors

In addition to "Thank you" they get a piece of ecnomic succes this goal accumulated

KOOS brand illustrationKOOS brand illustration
  1. Technology and tokenisation
  2. Legal framework
  3. Taxation
  4. Accounting
  5. Liquidity event and token recipient KYC
  6. Communication and community building
  7. Marketplace and trading
complicated things
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KOOS brand illustrationKOOS brand illustrationKOOS brand illustration
  1. Sharing ownership feeling is a cornerstone of true emotional involvement - no loyalty or points system has ever reached this
  2. Showing that you want to share success with stakeholders and being transparent increases trust & attachment
  3. Benefit from new ways of working and creating value - a common company and DAO hybrid