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We unite community builders, ethical capitalists, and people who believe in ethical business practices and rewarding everyone who contributes to business' success.

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Our promise to
virtual shareholders

Every virtual share that you earn has a legal promise attached to it. It’s a legal contract between and the virtual shareholder to determine the rights for each virtual shareholder.

KOOS will give away 5% of the company
value to all shareholders, when:

  • The founders sell 100% of the company
  • The company undergoes liquidation
  • The company pays out dividends

By owning KOOS virtual shares, you'll have the
following rights:

  • Right to receive regular information about the latest news from KOOS
  • Right to directly sell your shares on KOOS app with the shown nominal value - currently at 10 EUR a share*

*According to 08.11.2023

Who is our community?

Our community is us – all who have a stake in – virtual shareholders, community
builders and supporters who are bold to change the status quo of modern capitalism.

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Community Builders

Professionals who are using technology and building communities around the world

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Founders & Entrepreneurs

Founders who have positioned community at their core & are giving back to key contributors

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Fans & Supporters friends who believe in our mission & help us grow through continuous support

What's happening in our

KOOS events

Events & workshops where we get our community together & share insights into community management

Shareholder reports

All KOOS virtual shareholders get a regular report about our growth, roadmap and exciting new updates.

Expert discussions

We are hosting regular expert discussions with community builders to inspire & share knowledge with each other.

Product development

We involve our key community members in our product development process to build excellent solutions for all.

Join the conversation on ethical capitalism and engage with us on LinkedIn ↗ , check out our Virtual shareholder app ↗ to stay up to date on the latest community news and read more about KOOS functionalities in our Knowledge base ↗

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