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Boost community contribution with the virtual shareholder app

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  • 1. Keep your fans invested
  • 2. Drive community contribution
  • 3. Personal touch
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App benefits

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Keeping track

All virtual shares in one place. Tracking progress keeps everyone incentivised and provides a reason to check back in.

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Earning shares

Unlock the power of community for business growth. Help them discover more ways to contribute and earn extra virtual shares.

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Having a say

Giving your community an honest say in your product or business is a great way to increase the sense of ownership.

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Access to news and events

Right to receive information on latest achievements, business growth, and community events.

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Push notifications

Keep your community in the loop to strengthen the bond.

growth with the
company portal

Create virtual share plans. Distribute shares with ease. Measure and track your growth. All without the legal hassle and disrupting the cap table.

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